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As the name implies, BetFair casino is an online gaming platform that offers the public with diverse games through its website dedicated to providing a fair and conducive atmosphere for gaming. BetFair also has a mobile app which makes offline practice possible. BetFair focuses its gaming activities on mainly card and table games but you can also participate in occasional sports bets as well as enjoy the live dealer services they provide. For online privacy, you are encouraged to try its VIP gaming feature which screens player's identities from the public.

Reasons to Play

The incentives provided on BetFair come according to a user's gaming status. This means that loyal gamers are privy to certain bonuses, new users get a welcome bonus package and high rollers also get a bonus incentive to keep the game interesting.

Deposit and Withdrawals

BetFair accepts most debit/credit card plans as well as online bank accounts for making deposits. Gamers can also make withdrawals through these payment channels.